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Friday, November 4, 2011

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Divorce...Goooo Tigers (LSU) !!!

Everyone knows the Royal Wedding took place at Westminster Abbey on April 29th... But Halloween gave us wedding fans an opportunity to revisit the fanfare six months later thanks to the creative folks at NBC's Today Show...Kate Middleton was represented by Ann Curry, while Matt Lauer donned a uniform as Prince William...

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding, Divorce,...The Royal Wedding (April 29th), Kim Kardashian's Lavish Televised Wedding (August 20th)...The Today Show's Royal Wedding reenactment (October 31st), Kim Kardashian's Divorce (November 1st)... Well the Kardashian Klan is taking a lot of flack for the divorce for sure...It just seems a little bit orchestrated by whom, we may never know...4 million viewers for Kim's televised wedding on E!...The rights to the wedding were sold for $17.9 million...Now Kim has a 20.5 carat engagement ring and $172,000 worth of gifts from her wedding registry that she has to decide what to do with...Well that's reality TV for ya...

Meanwhile back at the ranch, most folks are trying to hang on to their homes, hoping to find a way for themselves and their families once unemployment runs out and probably hoping and praying that social security doesn't just take a nose dive...If nothing else we have TV and college football to keep us entertained, right?!?...Naw...That just goes to show you one of the reasons why I say..."This Crazy Life!!!"...GEAUX TIGERS !!!

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