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Monday, October 24, 2011

Columbus Day with Jorge Luis Borges...

Can you believe it?...Columbus Day has come and gone...How did you celebrate the coming of Christopher Columbus to the Americas?...I barely noticed much fanfare where I live...Although, I am sure they were bustin up some moves at the parades in NY City and San Francisco...

Where I come from you can count on a slew of parades leading up to Mardi Gras...Well those were ome crazy times...Once at the parades in the French Quarter in New Orleans, my co-worker and I were aghast at the insanity of it all...It was our first New Orleans Mardi Gras adventure in the thick of it all...And we were running back and forth across the streets in awe like some little school girls...We kept saying to each other "and they are showing that (meaning normally publicly concealed body parts) for those cheap, plastic beads"...That was a wild and crazy scene, when I was a young college graduate looking to sideline on some new adventure...

But now, after being married with all these kids, it's just a distant memory...Columbus Day would have been complete for me with a few good books...I like Barnes and Noble okay, but I am a Amazon girl...For the next big holiday in the calendar, if I could have a Kindle Fire and ebooks from Jorge Luis Borges to snuggle up with, that would do it...Do you think they will have his book of Selected Poems for the Kindle out by black friday???

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