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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Walter Isaacson Answers the Question, "Who is Steve Jobs?"

Google search engine has been my go-to search engine for well over 10 years...I remember when I told my husband "the tech head" about it, I felt so proud because I actually found something worth sharing before he did...Well is what I use when I want to know "how to", or "what is" for most things...Now when I need to know driving directions my go to website is ...When I am not sure of the correct spelling of a word or I need a synonym/antonym for a word I use ... My favorite thing to know daily is weather so I typically use for that...Although if I want to know about international weather BBC is my choice...

Now for anyone that wants to know "who is" or rather "who was" Steve Jobs, apparently this latest biography "Steve Jobs" is all that, by Walter Isaacson...Not only did Steve Jobs cooperate in the compilation of this book, he encouraged his friends, family and colleagues to be honest...Isaacson interviewed more than one hundred folks from friend to foe and extracted content from more than forty interviews in the composition of this book...The cover photo was hand-picked by Jobs, himself... Isaaccon wrote about Jobs, "He didn't invent many things outright, but he was a master at putting together ideas, art, and technology in ways that invented the future."...Jobs' legacy at Apple, Pixar Animation Studios and beyond include iPad, iPod, iPhone, MacBook, Mac OS and my favorite movie, probably of all-time, Toy Story...I say it was pure, crazy genius in his core...

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